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The Game

The first Frustr8tor came on the market in 2006 and now, in 2012, over 150.000 Frustr8tors have been sold. Time for a successor. We listened carefully to the suggestions of the players. The Frustr8tor was developed further while the game concept stayed the same.
The result is that the model and the game-instructions have been edited and improved on all compositions in a way that it almost has become a new game.

On the game fair in Neurenberg and the fair for presents given to business acquaintances in Utrecht, the frustr8tor turned out to be suitable for many different target groups. There is lots of interest from education organizations and staff unions in the business world.

Some of the most important changes are:

You can still play challenges that aren’t on your Frustr8tor by changing the pattern of the unique basic arrangement of your challenge on the front of your Frustr8tor. Also the one from Blockade. This way you can easily play lots of different games without having to buy a new Frustr8tor.

Also the new game version Blockade is invented. This will be on the market pretty soon. Finding solutions will be tougher in these challenges. The red dots of the basic arrangement aren’t a part of the solution anymore, but are now blocking 8 green dots from the top position. These all 8 have to be put in the field, without letting 2 green dots be in the same line. You can already play a Blockade challenge. On this website you are challenged in an interactive way to find the solution of a demo game:

Of course there is also a Frustr8tor App for Iphone and Ipad developed, with lots of standard- and Blockade challenge, complete with penalty times and penalty points. It is fun to challenge each other and see who can solve an unknown challenge fastest. One with the physical Frustr8tor and the other with an Iphone or Ipad.

Lots of puzzle fun,

Albert Eckhardt