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The Frustr8tor

Frustr8tor is a smart braingame for everyone, from 8 – 88 years. Everyone can solve the puzzle, but how smarter you are how easier you can find the solutions.
The aim is to put 8 coloured dots on the board so that no two dots are in the same row, column or diagonal.
This age-old problem is based on the well known '8 Queensproblem' from the chess world.

Already as a child I could entertain myself for hours and it still keeps my mind sharp.

Yes she did it!, and she challenge you to find a solution too.

In a clever and inventive way Albert Eckhardt gives the ’8 Queensproblem’ a modern look. Now 8 coloured dots may not stand in the same line.

Frustr8tor is a compact brain game, no loose parts and no batteries required. It is easy to carry in your pocket. Ideal for in a car, on the boat or at a plane.

Frustr8tor is a useful addition for school education for exercising logical thinking.

Frustr8tor is a perfect gift for the smart nephew, but also for grandpa and grandma. Frustr8tor is also a nice present and an original business gift that fits easily into any party package.

With the loads of levels I assure you hours of puzzle fun!

Hans Bohm

International chessmaster