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Frustr8tor App

Are you looking for a game that puts your mind, intelligence, logic and perseverance to the test? One that is as addictive as it is frustrating? Look no further, the ultimate brain teaser Frustr8tor is here!

Just 1 week after launch, Frustr8tor (pronounce: Frustrator) already ranked #1 Game and paid app in the iTunes Store Netherlands! Find out why!

The Frustr8tor game is based on a seemingly simple puzzle: place the counters on the board so that none of them form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. More than 200,000 copies of the physical version of the game, based on the 8-queens chess puzzle, have been sold. As an app, the game has a whole new dimension!

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The app consists of various puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Prove your brainpower by scoring a faster time than your friends! If you can’t manage the logic, make strategic use of the hints. Frustr8tor is the ultimate puzzle challenge for players aged 8 to 88.


Updates are planned with new puzzles, game types and challenges. Instructions, solutions and new challenges can be found on the Frustr8tor website as well as the original board game.

The original Frustr8tor was conceived by Dutchman, Albert Eckhardt and marketed in collaboration with well-known footballer Marc Overmars.